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~                   ~                       ~

Though it was barely past dawn, dappled light already fawned through the trees, casting illusions on the floor of the forest. You had time to observe details such as this from Jean's back as you flew through the branches. The wind lifted your hair and tossed it behind you. A small smile graced your lips through the grimace of pain. It was strangely peaceful.

You had encountered no titans so far, fortunately. You were grateful, yet at the same time, a strange suspense began to fill you. You knew it was inevitable for you to encounter a titan, but when? You stomach continued to curl into knots as the minutes passed by. 

Jean was silent,  but you could see by the expression on his face that he also, was becoming nervous. 

You wanted to reassure him, remind him it was going to be alright, but you couldn't even convince yourself of such facts. 

Then suddenly, in the distance, there was a soft Bang! and a column of smoke shot into the air. You peered your eyes at it, finding the smoke to be black, meaning an abberant had appeared. 

Without a word, Jean veered towards it. In just a few seconds, he had come to the same conclusion as you. Despite the danger, the survey corps would be near the smoke signal.

You clung tightly to Jean as he maneuvered his way through the trees towards the direction of the dissipating smoke signal. No words needed to be said between you two. The fear an anxiety hung heavier than words.

It took a long time to get there, your pace slowed by the weight Jean was carrying. But Jean didn;t stop, despite the fatigue beginning to visibly wear on his body. he was too intent on finding a source of help, any help.

You heard the titan before you saw it, crunching heavily through the underbrush, snapping branches from thier trunks and sending them wheeling through the air. You felt your body tense , and you reached instinctively for your 3DMG, only to remind yourself you had left it behind. 


"Give me a blade." You whispered Jean who looked at you with surprise and shock. 


You gritted your teeth, hearing the titan approach ever closer through the underbrush. "I said, give me a blade. You can put me down, but I want something to fight with.''

Jean paused for a moment, then nodded, hesitation clouding his eyes. He landed on a high up branch and withdrew one of his blades, handing it silently to you before whizzing off, leaving you stranded. You could see him glance once over his shoulder, and for a moment, you wanted to call to him, to tell him to come back. 

You wanted to come with him, you wanted to fight with him, but you knew without your gear, you would just be a nuisance, a burden. Still, you watched Jean disappear through the trees, his dark green cloak fanning out behind him. 

Soon you were alone.

Only then did it occur to you that if Jean failed to return, you would be stranded here, high in the trees, without a way to get down, and no way to signal help. You felt a twinge of panic to set it, and as the minutes passed, you could feel it grow inside you exponentially. 

In the distance, there was a loud crash, and suddenly, the forest fell silent. You could only hope that jean or another soldier had slayed the beast, and was on thier way back to you.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, you saw a figure begin to make its way towards you through the trees. Your heart lept with joy, then sank as you saw who it was.

"(Name)!" Reiner called. His face was bloodied, blood running down from gash on his eyebrow.

"Reiner!' You called back desperately. "Reiner, where is Jean?"

Reiner's face fell, and you could see the conflict in his eyes. "(Name)...." he murmured, turning away.

You fell your stomach turn into a ball of ice. You watched Reiner's face intently, looking for a sign, any sign. 

"Is he alive?" Was all you could whisper. 

Reiner nodded, just barely. He turned back, resting a heavy hand on your shoulder. "(Name), he's is bad shape. I couldn't bring him along with me-"

"Take me to him" You whispered, eyes wide. You could hardly believe you spoke those words yourself, but you knew you had to see him. "Where is he?"

That conflicted face returned to Reiner. "(Name), even if we do get back, how are we supposed to get the two of you back to the edge of the forest? There's only one of me, and I don;t know where the rest of the corps are..."

"I don;t care!" You practically screamed. "Reiner! we can;t just leave him there!"

Reiner nodded. "I know." he whispered. Then his face hardened. "But Jean made me promise you were in safe hands before I went back for-"

"Screw whatever Jean said!"You screamed at Reiner. "The longer we argue, the more danger Jean is going to be in!!"

Reiner seemed astounded by the ferocity in your voice. You stood panting, shoulder heaving, pain racing through your ribcage at every breath. But you didn;t care. Your thouhts were focused on jean, who could be dying alone in the middle forest as you spoke. 

"Take me to him." You practically growled. Reiner, for once, looked a little scared. Then, in one motion, he was scooped you into an arm, the sudden movement making you hiss in pain. 

"Hold on." You looped your arms around his neck tightly, and you two were off. 

You just prayed you were in time. 

another sucky chapter. v.v
At leas it is a double update, hopefully that helps.
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Mainpass-Mount Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Screw whatever Jean said!"You screamed at Reiner. "The longer we argue, the more danger Jean is going to be in!!"
I'd give him the Rivaille-stare and tell him, very slowly, 'Take meh to him.' Then cling onto that boy. XD I'm not a person to scream. Lol
SkyNekoIsLoveyDovey Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
"Screw whatever Jean said!" That was exactly the thing I thought one second before reading it.Rainbow Emote Rave 
But I mean, when I thought Jean was dead, this was my reaction: :faint: 
CrystalRainbow8 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
MAAAAAHHH!! Jean noooo!!
jungtaekwoon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
oh man //feels anxious about jean// ehhhhhh :-((
AssassinNoir Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[chokes] maybe it wasnt a good idea to read this before I went to bed. now im going to be worried about Jean all night omfg
ShionMinami Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Jean... :iconhecknoplz: 
MikaTKuha Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Dammit, this better not turn into one of those 'dies in your arms' stories Doh! Disbelief 
miintbun Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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