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April 21, 2013
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"They're here." Kuro bent over the security cameras, showing various projections of the Allies making their way towards the mansion. Behind him, Italy paced furiously, hands behind his back. "Of all the times to attack, why now?"

The doors to the study flew open, followed by a breathless: "We're here!" Italy spun around, glancing to Lutz and Romano, but when he saw you, his face contorted in anger. You flinched, thinking for a moment he was going to hurt you again. However, it was to your surprise when he grabbed Romano by his shoulders and began shaking him. "Stupido! Why-a did you bring her here?"

You pushed in between the Italian brothers. "I chose to come here. Romano wasn't given much option in the matter."

Italy's eyebrows drew together and he pursed his lips, thinking. Abruptly, he released his brother, turning instead to you. "Please, Bella." You were surprised at how gentle his voice sounded. "Right now I need-a you to be safe. Please, let Lutz take you somewhere else."

You shook your head vigorously. "I can handle myself!" You protested. "How do you think I managed to survive all those years by myself?"

Italy ran a hand through his hair with frustration, a gesture, much like his brother's you noticed. "Please, Bella...."

You crossed your arms stubbornly. "No. You can't change my mind about this." 

Italy growled. "Fine. Just don't get in the way. And for Dio's sake, don't get injured!"

You nodded, smiling. "I understand." Italy stopped for a moment, regarding you. Before you could question what he was doing, a hand was on your waist as he pulled you towards him, pressing his lips against yours. You let out a tiny squeak at the sudden display of affection, before you pulled back, gasping for air. "Wh-wha..?"

Italy pressed his forehead to yours, a smirk crawling across his features. "Mis dispiace." he murmured. "I couldn't help it. You were so cute right then."

Your face burned red, and you tried to look somewhere, anywhere except at the Italian's eyes. You glanced over at Romano, who was looking away, and hand covering his blushing face. Lutz was somehow focused on his hat, examining the inside of it. Kuro, too, was looking elsewhere, but you could see a tiny smile at the corner of his lips.

"So.." Romano began, trying to break the silence that filled the room. "There is six of them and only four of us. How are we going to deal with this?"

Lutz's eyebrows arched suddenly, and he looked at Romano just as he glanced at Lutz. Both of them smirked at the same time.

"Spagna." Romano smiled.

"Pruben." Lutz chuckled.

~                                                         ~                                                                                                   ~

"Oi! Lovi!!" The Spaniard burst into the house, followed shortly by a hunched over, shy looking albino. You and Romano were coming down the steps as the two came in. As soon as 'Spain' burst through the doors, Romano tensed and turned to run, only to be plastered down to the steps by the Spaniard. 

"G-get off me, pony-tail bastard!" Romano yelled angrily, trying to escape by flailing his legs and arms wildly. 

Spain looked up at you, and turned back to Romano. "Huh. Roma, who is this?" 

"_______." You smiled. "Nice to meet you."

Spain stared at you for a moment before abandoning Romano and kneeling before you, his eyes closed and a hand over her heart. "Please, senorita, the pleasure is all mine. Please, call me Andres"

He did have a pony tail, you noticed. His hair was dark and curly, pulled back with a ribbon. He had on a uniform that looked much like Romano's, except for the darker color. He also had eyes that were a few shades lighter than Italy's.

You blushed, feeling your ears burn. 'Andres' looked up at you, smirking when he saw your blush. "If you blush like that, I wonder what would happen if I did this." he stood up and leaned in close to your face.

Before he could kiss you, however, a boot came flying from the top of the staircase, meeting the Spaniard's head with a dull 'thunk'. Andres went down like a ton of bricks, coming to rest at the bottom of the staircase.

"Taste the fury of Il Stivali di Italia!!!" A certain voice called. "And I dare you to touch her again, you bastard!"

You looked to the top of the staircase, to find Italy still in post-pitch position and Lutz next to him, one boot missing.

"Prueben." Lutz called to the other man at the bottom of the stairs, examining the Spaniard at his feet. "You look awful. Since when have you taken a bath?"

The Albino smirked. "Gee, good to see you too West. I could smell your stink all the vay from the entrance."

"Dummkopf" Lutz smirked.

"Blödel" The Albino replied.

You glanced back between the two. You guessed they were brothers, but you couldn't be sure. In either case, they looked happy to see each other, so you guessed their words weren't really true.

Italy was suddenly at your side, placing a hand on your waist firmly and pulling you towards him, giving Spain a pointed look. Spain looked up and gave a dangerous smirk, holding his hands up in defeat. He was pushed to the floor again as Lutz's brother made a specific point of walking over him. he walked past you and Italy, nodding towards the Italian. "Italy."

"Prussia" Italy replied, each watching each other warily. It was clear that although these two were along to help, that they weren't very welcome.

"So." Spain stood, rubbing the back of his head. "It's the Allies we are up against? All five of them?"

Italy nodded. "Don't forget Canada."

Spain's eyebrows furrowed together. "Who?"

Romano smacked his forehead into his palm. "The one with the hockey stick."

Spain's face lit up in recognition. "Oh! Him!" Then his face fell in horror. "Oh. Him."

Prussia snorted. 

"In any case." Italy gave Prussia a warning look. "They should-a be here in about half an hour. We need-a to make sure the mansion is secured before then."

Spain stretched, his joints popping. "Say, don't you guys keep a spare battle ax around here somewhere? I'm sure I saw one..." he wandered off into one of the hallways. Romano chased after him, yelling something incoherently in Italian.

Prussia muttered something to Lutz, handing him the missing boot. Lutz snickered and swung an arm around his brother's shoulder, directing him off somewhere.

That left Italy and you. You turned to go back to the study when he grasped your arm. You turned around, to find a blade pressed into your hand gently. You looked up at Italy, and the seriousness in his face surprised you. 

"Bella, I'm-a not sure how this is going to turn out, but just to be sure-" he closed your fingers around the pocket knife.

You looked down at the knife in your hand, then back up at Italy, to find him inches away from your face. Gently, ever so gently, he tucked a stray peice of hair behind your ear. You watched his eyes as he did so. There was some unseen emotion there. You couldn't place it. There was concern, but there was

So it surprised you when the words came from his lips. "_______, Ti amo."

Your eyes widened, and for a moment you were shocked. Italy took advantage of this, pressing his lips into yours and hugging you close to him.

he pulled back, leaving you breathless and flushed. He smirked at the redness in your face, and withdrew from you, walking back up the stairs. Once at the top, he turned. "By the way, Bella, once-a this is all over, You're sleeping in my room tonight."

You stiffened, blushing 3 shades redder. Italy smiled suggestively and left. You watched him leave, and finger drawing to your lips, where the feeling on his lips still lingered.

What was this?
This was written in a super wuick hurry, because i knew you guys wanted a new chapter and I had extra time this afternoon.
This wasn't written very well, I'm afraid. I tried to make up for it with some 2P hetalia nonsense.
Anyways, Have fun! I do not own hetalia!
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