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June 7, 2013
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You managed to wander back to the Office where everyone was before, only to find them gone, and a note on the table. You gently picked it up, struggling to read the hasitly written lettering. 

Please stay here while I and mi amici take out the trash.
In the meantime, I suggest you read 'Il nome di lo Roso'
It is one of my favorites.
See you soon

 You felt a small smile stretch your lips. You were worried for Italy, but you knew he could hold his own.
before you could wander over to the bookshelf, a strange voice seemed to filter through your thoughts.
"I told you the control room was around here somewhere!" A high, almost ecstatic voice quipped. It was crazed, full of madness, and strangely British, yet you could tell this person was hardly a person at all.
"Yeah yeah, you'll get your twenty bucks when we get back. Crazy jerk." a low, monotone voice snarled. It sounded tired and bored, but you could tell there was a hidden menace behind it.
"Not dollars you imbecile! Pounds!" The higher voice exclaimed shrilly.
"...Is there a difference?" The second voice asked without enthusiasm.
The voices were unfamiliar, which could only mean one thing: It was the Allies.
Immediately you spun, looking for another door out of the room, only to find none. Panic began to race through you, fear of being seen and possibly killed by these madmen. The doorknob began to rattle, and you ducked under a desk just in time as the door burst open, making you let out a tiny squeak of fear.
"Hey, did you hear that?" The second voice asked in a whisper
"Hear what? Your stupidity? Yes, its deafening." The British voice replied sarcastically, with a crazed giggle.
"Shut up, Brit. There was a whimper or something when the door opened."
You heard footsteps walk around the room, and abruptly stop at the desk you were at. "Oh, what's this?" The British voice hummed there was a rustling of paper.

The note! Oh no!

"Dear _______-"

"-Sounds like a girl name."

"Shut up Mattie. Dear _______, please stay here while we take out the trash.....lalalalala....Love, Italy~!"

The was a heavy pause as the both contemplated this meaning. You covered your mouth to stop a tiny scream from erupting in your throat. They knew Italy cared for you, and they were going to use it against him, which could only mean either him or you were going to get hurt, or probably killed.

As these thoughts raced through your mind, you failed to hear the conversation above you.

"________, huh? I never knew Italy to take to a girl before."

"Indeed" The British man giggled. "I wonder what could have prompted this emotion, hmm?"

"She must be somewhere in here..."

"Ah, I can guess where~"

You had enough time to lower your hands from your face before a face popped into your view.

" 'Ello Poppet!!"

You screamed and a pair of hands reached for you, pulling you from underneath the desk, writhing and screeching. 

"Let me go! Dont touch me! Stop!"

You scratched and kicked at the hands trying to control you. The second man, a man with dark,sunken eyes and a strange curl that popped out from his dark blonde hair, wrestled your wrists behind your back, then held them there with a vice like grip. You whimpered as he squeezed them harshly.

The British man stepped in front of you, bending down in order to be at eye-level. He had strawberry blonde hair that looked pinkish, and eyes that were blue, but danced strangle with a pink hue, tinged with madness. 

"You must be _______, nice to meet you, love." he giggled, sticking out a hand. "Oh wait, ah, never mind." he murmured, drawing his hand back again. "In any case, I'm Olliver, and this here is Mattie~!"

"Mattiue" The Canadain snarled, tightening his grip on your arms, electricity another whimper from you.
Oliver shot a death glare to the Canadian. "Stop it, you blundering idiot. We need her."

"Oh go shove it up your-"

"Ah ah ah! Language! We are with a lady, and gentlemen never ever curse in front of a lady~"


Oliver smiled again, almost ferally, turning back to you. "Now then, if you please, you are going to come quietly with us, and not make a fuss, understood?"

You shook your head, tears forming in the corners of your eyes. "No..." You whispered, but a gloved hand snaked its way to cover your mouth."

Oliver straightened. "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way, huh?"

At this you panicked, and thrashed wildly, relieving yourself of Mattiue's grip on your arms. You dashed away from him for a moment, only to have Oiver easily grasp your wrist.

You had only a moment to see his maddened eyes before a fist reached your face, and you blacked out.

I finally got it done! ;.;

This will be the last update for a whiel, unless i get one done tomorrow in the madness of packing to go to Italy itself.

Hooray for Oliver and Mattie!
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