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July 11, 2013
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"Scream for me"

You couldn't help but shake at those words. Oliver's eyes danced with pink and blue rainbows, tainted by madness. Shivers crawled up your spine at the way he smiled, the way his eyes bore into yours.

Behind him, you could see Italy struggling furiously, his eyes blazing with pure fury. 

You stared back at Oliver, trying your best not to be scared, to be brave. Though you shook with fear, you stared him down, letting him know you would not be afraid.

Oliver's eyes narrowed. His smile dipped into a frown. The grip on your chin increased. His words were laced with venom.

"I said: Scream for me." He whispered.

The blade pressed closer into your skin, and you winced in pain as a small stream of blood ran down your neck,coming to pool at the dip in your collarbone.

Oliver seemed charmed by your bravery. "My, how strong you are. I'd like to see how long until your break." His finger ran over your lip, and your eyes widened at the implication of his words. "Shall we see?"

Before you could think, you reached forward and bit down hard on Oliver's hand. The Britt screamed, and tried to pry his hand away from your grip. You only bit down further, until you felt blood gush in your mouth.

Oliver yanked his hand away, and just as you locked eyes with Italy, you felt your throat erupt into a trillion blindingly white points of pain. You couldn't even scream, your throat hurt you too much. Your vision wavered and faded before you, before you felt your eyes grow heavy and your body grow limp. 

You fell to the ground harshly, letting forth as gasp that made pain race along your throat. Control of your body seemed to leave you. You could only hear the sounds around you.


 It was Italy's voice. You heard his screams of pure anger mixed with screams of those around him.You could only imagine his fury and pain unleashed on Oliver and the others. 

Screams filled with bloodrang loud and clear in your ears, though they seemed clogged, somehow, distant and faint. You tried to raise your hand, to plead with Italy to stop, but he was relentless. He would destroy everything around him until it was all gone, including your friends.
Your voice couldn't reach him.

You struggled to open your eyes, blinding white filtering through them. It was too much. You wanted to give up, to be consumed by eternal sleep. But you knew you couldn't not yet.

Through your hazy vision you could see Italy slashing and cutting anything near him. Oliver's scarred and bloodied body lay not too far from your own, Canada and his brother close at hand.

But there, in the corner, lay a person you knew Italy would never hurt. Romano was slumped over, his arms limp at his sides, his head bent over the gash on his chest.

You tried to call to him, but your voice would not respond.

You shut your eyes as hot tears blurred your vision. "Stop..!" You tried to call. "Italy!" But only choked sounds issued forth.

Gathering all your strength, you tried again. This time, a clear, high note rang in the courtyard. Italy slowed to a stop, gazing over at your form. Upon seeing that your eyes were open, he raced to your side, his bloodied hand clasping yours.


"Italy..." You tried to call. "Stop..."

The Italian's violet eyes were brimmed with tears. "My Songbird, what have they done to you?" His face contorted into unblinded rage. "I'll kill them." he growled. "I'll kill them all!!"

You knew your normal voice would not reach this demented man. So slowly, you closed your eyes and began to notes to the song he had given you, the one you had memorized by heart, because you knew it was his.

Immediately Italy recognized the song. Though you hadn't even spoken the words yet, he continued them for you, his voice seeming to echo deep within your chest.

"In the cradle of time 

Watching a cold dream 
You sang 
A gentle, gentle lullaby for me"

Your voice seemed to come back to you, and you interrupted Italy's voice with your own,

"What did you wish for?" he sang
"-An unending world." You gasped
"What did I wish for?"
"The end of the world..."
"The chosen voice-"
"laughs, labors..."

Your voices intertwined into a requiem that echoed and bounced in the air around it. Your throat screamed with hot white pain, but you continued to sing, knowing this was the only way. Italy's tenor voice harmonized with your ______ voice, creating a melody that seemed to rise to the sky above you.

"Sadness and pain-"
"Turn into happiness and smiles..."
"Will you rot away without any reward?" 
"-I simply pray"
"I just want to save you..." 
"I will protect this world...!"
"Our feelings don't intersect..."

"I want to finish my life, everything, with these hands!"
"--Peace and blessing to the circling world..."
"Ah, it won't reach"
"It can't be conveyed--"
"The wish leaves nothing but futility"

"Why? Everything was stolen- 
"The future shines"
"Even if I shoulder hurt and pain..."
"-An eternally continuing requiem"
"Unopposable destiny" 
"-Light, destiny... 
"Now, everything is released "
"The darkness is released....!"

You felt your voice begin to go faint, your vision blur and waver before you. But you couldn't let go yet, not yet. Even though your grip on consciousness was slipping, you couldn't let go yet...

"What did you wish for?"
"Your future"
"I wished for...why?"
"That day can't return...?"
"I chased after a kind smile"

"Despair turns to hope..."
"An unending singing voice-"
"If continuing to scream will destine me to destruction"
"-I simply pray."
"At the very least, let"
"-Endlessly, faraway, faraway-"
"The agonized voice echo once more."

You felt yourself growing fainter, growing weaker as you continued to sing. Your voice grew raspy, and horse with each word that echoed off the courtyard walls. Tears of pain budded in your eyes, and you could not keep them from rolling down your face. Italys face was serene, calm, his violet eyes puffy from crying. You tried to reach up, to stroke his face, but you hand would only reach a few inches off the ground. Italy grasped it and raised it to his face.

"Peace and blessing to the circling world"
Light, destiny, darkness, release

"Unending despair"
"-My singing voice turns it to hope"
"Will you rot away without any reward?"
"-I continue to scream, simply praying.." 
"At the very least, let"
"-Endlessly, faraway, faraway-"
"The agonized voice echo once more..."

At long last your voice faded, your eyes closed in exhaustion, you could sing no more. Italy's voice was left behind, singing alone as you remained quiet, your hearing fading. The last thing you heard as you faded away was Italy's voice, singing in almost a whisper as a stray bloodied hand stroked your face...

"What you wished for.... 
What I wished for... 
The voice left behind cries out 
While thinking of you 
Alone, I sing for your sake 
Alone, I sing for your sake..."


I promised, so I delivered. This is to make up for all that time without these chapters, and I apologize for that.

FYI, next chapter shall be the last chapter. :iconcraiplz:

The song is this: [link]
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