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Submitted on
March 24, 2013
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(Warning: Romano cursing!)

You hadn't realized you had fallen asleep until you woke up again. The bed was so soft and comfy, you just had drifted off as you thought through your current situation. You were kidnapped by a madman, trapped in a room with no escape, had no idea where you were, and had no chance of escaping. Each thought flitted through your mind, saddening you even further.

You gave a yawn and stretched, feeling the ache and pain through your muscles fade. The clock read 11:40. had you really slept that long? 

There was another note taped to the door. This one was scribbled with a heavier hand, and lacked the same gusto as Italy's did.

Lunch will be served in the Library at 12

Your escort will arrive before then.

Don't wrinkle the dress.

You gave a dismayed look down at your dress. It was pretty creased in the front, but relatively straight in the back. How did you fix creases, again? You couldn't remember the last time you had to straighten a piece of clothing or such. Oh well.

The room was really quite cold, you noticed. There wasn't any vent or window, it just seemed to radiate through the space like a hidden sort of evil.

"Probably because this is his castle" You thought bitterly. 

Italy's words seemed to echo back at you. "This is your cage...if you try and fly from it, I won't hesitate to hurt you."

He had called you his 'songbird', which unnerved you. Never had someone called you anything less than your name, so to hear that strange pet name come from him made you shiver.

You glanced back at the clock, glaring as the second hand seemed to tick by inconceivably slow. You gave a sigh and flopped back onto your bed, running your hands through your messy hair.

This past day had been so confusing. You wanted nothing more than to sleep, forget everything. Part of you, however, wanted nothing more than to run, run away and be free. So which to choose?

A knock on the door startled you from your daydream.

You bolted upright, hair strands flying into your face. "Come in." You called, as you pushed your hair back into place.

A familiar mop of redish brown hair poked though the door. "Oi. I have things-a to do, so-a hurry up."

You couldn't help but feel a smile twitch at your lips at hearing the Italians words. At the same time, you were glad to see him. You got up and found your shoes, just simple sandals. You didn't want to freeze your feet off.

Romano reached for your arm, but you pulled back and gave him a glare.

The Italian frowned and scoffed, as if he didn't care.

You followed him down the winding halls of the manor, and as he stuck his hands in his pockets, you held your skirt in a bunch to mimic him.  As he took long strides, you followed behind him, matching him step for step. He was fine with this, if a bit annoyed, until you started humming.

You were bored, and the tune came spilling from your mouth in a low hum.

Romano hunched his shoulders and kept walking, and you mocked him, continuing to hum. If you looked closely, you could almost see the strange curl on the side of hid head. It was frazzled, as if mimicking his annoyance. He let out a very quiet "" As you continued to hum, unaware of his annoyance.

Suddenly, he spun around and faced you. "Oi! Brat! Quit-a the humming!"

You stopped, his insult sinking in. "Brat?!" You exclaimed.

"Si! An annoying, loud brat!" 

You felt your ears go red. "At least I'm not rude!"

"Maybe not, but you're-a still super annoying!"



Your nose tickled, and soon you felt your eyes watering up. You discreetly tried to wipe them away, but Romano still noticed. He turned away from you and exhaled loudly.

"Sorry." He muttered, rubbing the back of his head.

You sniffled. "You should be."

Romano turned around, and you could see one corner of his mouth twitching into a smile. You crossed your arms and raised an eyebrow quizzically.

The Italian chuckled, stuffing his hands back in his pockets. "I like you, ragazza. You've got...audiacia."

You weren't sure what audiacia meant, or if it was a good thing, but Romano's change in spirits encouraged you.

"....Thank you?"

Romano waved a hand and turned away from you. "Prego."

You followed him again, jogging to catch up to his long strides. "So..." You muttered, trailing off.


" are the others?"

Romano glanced at you. "What others?"

"The man with the blonde hair, and the one with the sword and purple cape."Romano snorted with distaste. "Oh, Those two. They're probably doing things for my brother. It'd be better if you stayed away from-a them."

You nodded distractedly. "You really don't seem related at all. I mean, you look alike, but-"

"He's a bastard, I know." Romano muttered. "A heartless, cold, unforgiving bastard."

Romano's change in attitude shocked you, but you could see where he was coming from. He had probably lived with Italy long before he met you. Just thinking about Italy made you shiver, you could hardly see yourself spending several years with him.

Your shoulders shook, almost on instinct. Romano seemed to sense your discomfort and glanced at you again. "If-a I were you, I would do as he-a asks, ragazza."

You nodded as you reached a large pair of doors that led to what looked like a library.

As your turned away, Romano caught your arm, gently this time. You glanced back at the Italian, and you could see his in his eyes a hint of concern.

"I'm serious, ragazza. Be careful. My brother is not one to be gentle."

All the fear and anxiety that had been manifesting recently seemed to lift with his words. You weren't afraid of what was beyond that door now.

You smiled at Romano. Quickly, so he could not escape, you stood on your toes and gave him a quick kiss on his fore-head. "Thank you, Romano."

With that, you turned and walked into the library, leaving Romano in the hallway.

The Italian stood in place for a moment, shocked. Then, he quickly turned on his heel and began walking down the hallway. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and did something he couldn't remember doing in years.

He grinned.


Please forgive the wait. :icononionbowplz:
I woke up this morning, and was getting up to get breakfast and-

There was a giant inspiration brick.

It only lasted for a few minutes, but that was all I needed.

Sorry for the lack of updates, btw, writer's block is a bitch.
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Take your time! No worries!! Pretty good with brick on your head!
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I don't know what to say...I mean...I like/love ( whatever you want to call it ) Romano...BUT I like/love Italy too... O_O Help meh...And about that writer's block/brick I'm pretty sure we all get it at times so we wouldn't mind if you took you time :D
LunaAngel-Eclipse Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i feel you! only i'm like dat with  EVERY  country! i cant decide wich i like best! ^_^
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