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March 29, 2013
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Romano POV

He found you two in the library hours later. Somehow, you both had managed to fall asleep, rested gently against each other. When he saw you with your eyes closed, he panicked for a moment, thinking Italy had managed to kill you so that you would never open your eyes again. Yet he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as he watched your chest rise and fall with deep, rhythmic breaths.

The furniture around you was scattered and almost demolished in certain places. Yet, somehow, you rested with your cheek on Italy's head without a scratch on you.

Romano knelt next to the pair of you two, pushing a lock of hair out of your face. Somehow, someway, you had managed to tame Italy when he was his most violent. Nothing like that has ever been done before, not with Italy in the least.

The older Italian's face ghosted with a sliver of a smile before his arms settled underneath of you, lifting you up into his arms. he halfway expected you to be heavy, but instead you unbelievably light. Had you even eaten recently?

In response, your face scrunched in your sleep and your stomach let out a dissatisfied grumble.

Romano made a mental note to himself to go get you a plate of pasta later, once you were settled back in your room. As he transversed the winding hallways, he came upon a familiar German as he rounded a corner.

"Oi. Watch-a where you're going, Potato bastard." Romano snapped, trying to re-balance you in his arms.

Lutz gave no indication of even hearing Romano, his gaze transfixed instead on the girl in his arms.

"Is she dead?" Came the question.

"No." Came the equally blunt response. "But you'll be if-a you don't get out of my way."

Lutz narrowed his eyes at Romano, but begrudgingly stepped out of the way. Romano cast a glare at the German as he passed, but was almost shocked to find his gaze still fixed on your form, a hint of predatory interest present before he turned and walked away. 

Romano could see why the soldier was interested. After all, you were very attractive. Thick, shiny hair, beautiful skin, eyes closed peacefully, and lips parted with gentle breaths. No wonder Italy had been entranced by you. Romano almost stopped for a moment, his own predatory instinct flashing briefly. It was clear you weren't safe here, with Lutz and Kuro and Luciano. Maybe even himself.

You needed an ally. Romano could only hope he lived up to the standards.

A quick chapter, since I'm busy today and couldn't write, but still had the urge to update.
In any case.
Happy reading!

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