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April 4, 2013
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"Vhe have a problem."

Romano's eyes narrowed. Some type of silent communication seemed to transfer in between these two. The silence that filled the air was tense. Your eyes darted back in between the two, trying to decipher the hidden message there.

Finally Romano glanced at you, then directed his gaze back at Lutz. "It's-a them, isn't it?"

The blonde gave an almost inperceptible nod.

Romano let out a sudden exhale, then set the plate in his hand back down on the table. "Ragazza." he said, turning towards you. "I need you to stay here."

You sprang to your feet in protest. "No! This is partly about me, I'm sure, so I should have a say in what is going on here!"

Romano and Lutz exchanged a brief glance. Lutz gave another, single nod. Romano let out a growl and ran his hand through his hair, giving you a disapproving glance as he did so.

"I'm going." You told him stubbornly. "Like it or not."

The Italian sighed with exasperation but merely turned and began to walk out of the door. You thought he was walking away, but he turned in the threshold and looked at you pointedly. "Are you coming or what?"

You smirked and nodded, jogging after him.

~          ~          ~

Outside, The clouds that had been rumbling with thunder earlier had now given way to drenching rain that fell in sheets across the untended gardens of the manor. Lightning struck with thunder echoing it almost simultaneously. In the darkness, six men were illuminated by the flashing lightning. They stood, looking up at the iron gate that separated them from the entrance to the manor.

"Well, 'ow do you propose to get through the gate, mon ami?" Spoke one. An unlit cigarette stuck out from between his teeth. His dark, uncombed hair was drenched from the rain and stuck carelessly to his face. He directed the question to another man, dressed in bright, flashy colors whose eyes seemed to swirl between a choice of pink and blue, never quite deciding which color to rest on.

"Oh Francy pants, that's the easiest part." He replied, reaching up to straighten his bowtie. "Isn't that right Mattie~?"

The lightning illuminated a younger man with Strawberry blonde hair messily gathered back into a ponytail merely grunted, looking past his sunglasses  to the windows of the house. "Whatever the case, they've probably seen us by now. eh?"

The man next to him scoffed, slinging his baseball bat over his shoulder. "Yeah, great plan Oliver. Even if we get past the gates, they'll see us coming for a mile."

Oliver's eyes blazed with anger for a moment, and he grinned savagely at the brothers. "Shut up you stupid wankers." he grated. "Even if they see us, there's hardly anything they can do about it. All the soldiers from here abandoned this place months ago. They're outnumbered."

A Chinese man folded his hands into the wide sleeves of his robe. His coal red eye darted back and forth between the bickering group. he gave an impatient sigh. "The question still remains: How do we get past the gate?"

"Leave dat to me, da?" Came a reply from behind the brothers. A tall, almost giant like man stepped from behind the two and reached behind his back, his fingers wrapping around an old water pipe, stained with the dried blood of many victims. With an almost effortless swing, the gate flew off its hinges. He watched as the gates fell to the ground with a sound muffled by the lightning and thunder.

He turned to the group, his red eyes narrowing. "Let's go, пожалуйста"

The group ventured forward, each holding his own weapon with which he wished to destroy the Powers in thier path.
It's short, I know!
But I have been trying ALL DAY just to write something, I though this was satisfactory enough.
But for those of you who correctly guessed what the 'problem' was, congratulations and OH SHEIT.

It's the Allies. :iconheplz:

Now that we've introduced them, we might as well include...

Nah, I'm not telling you that yet.
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