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September 4, 2013
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It took some time for Marco to wake up that morning. Of course, he had all the right to remain hidden away underneath the quilts and blankets in your bed. Spending the night in the girl's bunk with you was against the rules, and if he was caught, well...Keith Shadis would have his head, or maybe his freckles, who knew.

He couldn't help himself, honestly. After cuddling with you last night, he knew he wouldn't be able to get to bed until you were next to him. So he managed to quietly sneak out of the Boy's dorm and slip into your bunk, much to your delight and surprise. You two had spent the night wrapped in each other's arms.

And now, the girls were preparing for another day of training. The dorm was filled with the chatter and giggles of a dozen girls. It took most of Marco's restraint not to sneak a glance from underneath the massive pile of blankets he was hiding in. Yet he couldn't help but watch you as you dressed and prepared for the day. 

"Hey, who decided to let that draft in last night? I was freezing for a good few hours in the middle of the freaking night!" Ymir complained.

Out of the corner of your eyes, you could see the pile of blankets tense.

You gave a nervous giggle. "Sorry Ymir, I had to use the restroom in the middle of last night. My fault."

Ymir made a small 'tch' sound as she fastened her hair back from her face. "Don;t let it happen again, (Name)"

Mikasa stood from pulling on her boots. She and Annie advanced to the doorway, where they waited for the others. You continued to dress, making sure to do so slowly. At last all the other girls were ready. 

"Coming?" Sasha asked as she passed you.

"Go ahead, I'll catch up with you guys." You told them, giving a subtle glance over to where Marco lay hidden. Marco smiled.

Sasha shrugged and followed the other girls, a spring in her step. "Food, food food~!" She chanted quietly.

Marco could see you make a small smile at Sasha's antics. The door closed behind the other girls, leaving you two alone. You continued to dress, and once you were done, picked up a brush and began to hum as you combed through your locks.

Marco felt himself smile at the sight. He couldn't help but count himself as lucky as he was to have such a beautiful girl like you in his life. He could see the light as it made your hair shine, the way your eyes sparkled in the mirror, the sound of your voice as it hummed his favorite tune. 

A small, happy sigh escaped his lips, his freckled cheeks scrunching in a smile. 

You heard the sigh and giggled a bit, making Marco's heart flutter.

At last you finished, and turned towards the bed, taking a hand and lifting the quilt just enough to see Marco's face. 

"Good morning." You muttered with a smile.

Marco smiled deviously back, and before you could question why, you were suddenly in his arms underneath the quilt. You gave a squeal as you were lifted off your feet and dragged under the blankets. 

You wiggled, trying to get Marco to relinquish his grip on you, but Marco's arms were steadfast. You yelped indignantly as he hugged you closer to him, which only made him laugh.

"You're so beautiful, (Name)!" He laughed, placing a sweet kiss on top of your forehead. You blushed and ceased struggling. 

"What brought that on?" you asked.

Marco breathed into your hair. "Just peeking at you get dressed." he confessed.

You gasped and began to wiggle again. "You fiend!" You gasped and giggled at the same time. "How dare you!?"

Marco giggled and kissed your hair again. "Sorry, sorry."

There was a comfortable silence in between you two. You both lay under the quilt for a long time, enjoying the feel of each other's arms. You could feel Marco's exhales on your hair, and the way his arms wrapped around your waist. You closed your eyes and sighed in contentment.

Marco exhaled heavily and smiled. "I love you, (Name)"

You looked up at him, and smiled. You kissed his freckled cheeks gently. "I love you too Marco."

Marco's face lit up with happiness.

The moment was spoiled when suddenly, the door to the dorm opened, and heavy footsteps echoed through the room. 

You both tensed, hoping and praying it wasn't Shadis.

the footsteps stopped in front of your bunk. You both held your breath.

The blanket was ripped from you, revealing...

"Annie!" You gasped.

The blonde stared down at the two of you with icy eyes. 

"Get up."

The two of you continued to stare at you with wide eyes. 

Annie narrowed her eyes at the two of you.

"Shadis is looking for you" She added. 

This caused both of you to begin flailing and distangling yourselves from each other. Annie walked out of the dorm nonchalantly, leaving you two alone once more.

Once you were both standing, you gave your boyfriend a glance before beginning to walk from the dorm. A hand stopped you. 

You were spun rather swiftly, until you faced him once more, upon which point Marco kissed you on the lips. 

You pulled back and ruffled his hair."let's go get breakfast."


Oh Marco, stop acting like Jean. >.>

This was a request for :iconjungtaekwoon:, who was my 700th watcher.

Thanks hun! >3<

You belong to :iconmarcobodtplz:
Marco belongs to attack on titan.
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